Old buildings specialist knowledge

Older buildings can be built very differently to newer ones, and it takes a special understanding and knowledge of their construction and materials to make sure that what we do works with them.

Too often we have seen the disastrous results of using incorrect modern materials and construction methods. With many years of specialist knowledge we can advise you and work on these buildings so that what is done is sympathetic to the building’s structure.

old buildings

Working with Old and Listed Buildings

Owners of old houses can often be baffled by the confusing advice they receive from some construction professionals who may be more familiar with repairing modern buildings than dealing with the issues associated with traditional houses. Old houses, ones built before 1930 when the use of cement became widespread, generally require a different approach, one that takes into account their construction heritage. Modern solutions do not always recognise that need.

Talk to Us About the Care of Your Old Building

If you own or look after an old property, whether it’s in a conservation area, is a listed building, or is just historic and you would like to maintain it properly, refurbish, extend or renovate it, come and talk to us for help in finding the best solutions for you and the future of your property.

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